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Marisa looked over to the rest of her teammates as she walked away from the ceremony. She then looked over to Josh and Twilight Sparkle as they were arguing as usual. She sighed and headed off to go to the rest of her team. She was thinking to herself, 'Gee. I barely won the first challenge and got through the second challenge with some difficulty. These are some weird challenges I gotta go through. But I gotta stay strong, considering I'm one of the only girls on my team.' she posed triumphantly and declared, "I WILL PREVAIL WITH ALL THESE MEN!" She froze and looked to see Ricky and Brandon give her an odd look. Marisa then blushed with embarrassment and chuckled nervously. But then she straightened herself and walked toward the barracks, her stomach gurgling to her delight.
Recently, I've entered one of my OC into this thing on FurAffinity called Total Drama Vore Action. It's a pretty cool series that I entered Marisa in. So this is a confessional type dealie I got right here. If you wanna know more about this thing, go to :iconchimcharlover13:'s FurAffinity account. :)

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Chimcharlover13 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Professional Writer
A little short, but still nice for your first one. Marisa is awesome~
FemaleGasAdmirer Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Heh sorry about it being a bit short. I just wanted to see how length would fare and how much suspense I could probably get. Next one'll probably be longer. :)
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